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Variant of L15, 11 1/4" with tooled top.  Ham describes this bottle as a deviation of the Landsberg Century Bitters with various mold changes, he also points out that one has not been seen yet.  It's easy to see on one side where they peened out the writing and left it blank.  Although we have heard of one of these unusual bottles selling, it's odd in that one wonders why they'd go to the trouble to change various things in the mold? For example it has a larger eagle, the figures of "1876," are a different shape and a halberd on the shoulder faces right, Ham explains. It's a beautiful bottle to be sure, a partially open bubble on the base is really the only flaw we could see, there's a lot to check out on this piece. The Landsberg bottles are some of the more eloquently designed bottles around.  They seemed to have taken their product very seriously and by creating this almost multi-dimensional masterpiece you'd think these were bottles meant to be around a while.  Grades a 9 and is visually pretty stunning with a ton of whittle and bright color.