$ 800.00

Sold Out

Thomas 19. 1873-78.  An early western sixth, these are both rare and very desirable among western fifth collectors. Great color, light crudity, this bottle has it all, or did have it all.  This bottle sold in an American Bottle auction for $5,000 in 2014.  The bottle was shipped and Fed Ex delivered to the wrong address.  When the surprised recipient opened it, it fell from the box and broke on the floor.  Not knowing what it was, he wrapped it up and called Fed Ex, thinking he was off the hook.  When it was finally delivered to the right address, the buyer opened it to find a clean break on the front base of the bottle. It was returned and we've had it ever since.  A simple dab of Crazy Glue and the broken piece fit right in. It's not a perfect job and could be made to look much better.  Alas, it's almost impossible to see the break on the shelf in the darker base area.  The bottle is stunning and for a fraction of the $5,000 you can own a rare and beautiful bottle that is sure to brighten even the most dour face.  Such as mine when I found out the bottle had been broken being delivered to the wrong address.  Old amber with a ton of character.