Condition of Sale

We will present bottles for outright sale on our For Sale page. Items will be shown with individual pictures, and a description of each piece. We ask that you look the pieces over, if there are any questions regarding the item, for instance the condition of the top, that you don’t see in the pictures, please feel free to call us for a more in-depth explanation. Once you’ve decided to purchase an item, click on “Add to Cart” button which will place the item in your cart.  PLEASE BE AWARE IF AN ITEM IS ADDED TO YOUR CART IT DOES NOT MEAN THE ITEM IS UNAVAILABLE FOR OTHER CUSTOMERS TO ADD IT TO THEIR CART.  WHEN AN ITEM IS IN YOUR CART, ONCE YOU CLICK "CHECKOUT" A 5 MINUTE CLOCK WILL START AND YOU HAVE THOSE 5 MINUTES TO PURCHASE THE ITEM OR IT WILL GO BACK INTO INVENTORY.  IF YOU'RE AFTER A SPECIFIC BOTTLE, WE HIGHLY SUGGEST PURCHASING IT ONE AT A TIME TO ENSURE SOMEONE ELSE DOES NOT GRAB IT WHILE IT STAYS IN YOUR CART.   After clicking checkout, enter the necessary information and follow the instructions to complete your purchase.  At the end of your purchase you will be able to create an account and save your information.  This will allow you to check the status of your current orders as well as make your future orders as easy as a couple clicks.