Our “For Sale,” page is a measure on our part to offer bottles to the public at a set price. A lot of times waiting for an auction or just finding a particular bottle you’re looking for can be a tedious process. We hope that by continuing to restock this For Sale Page, we can provide an outlet where everyone has an even chance on buying something they are looking for.

We will try and present the bottles as true to what they really are with our best efforts. By utilizing new technology we can offer high definition pictures and extensive descriptions which should give the buyer a true sense of what they are considering buying. We’ve streamlined the buying process so you can use credit cards and Pay Pal at no extra cost to you. The price you see is what you pay with a nominal shipping fee included. By maintaining a sizable inventory we can make sure we continue to provide quality bottles at a fair price.

We invite anyone and everyone to visit the page whether you’re considering buying an item or just taking a look.  You can also visit our showroom and view the items in person with a scheduled appointment.  Please call us in advance to make sure we are here and available.  In the end it’s the glass that makes us enjoy this great hobby. We will occasionally  send out emails when we update the page; However, this is not guaranteed.  Please make sure you stay updated on the page as new bottles could arrive at any time.  "Liking" and "Following" us on Facebook and Twitter is a smart way to stay in touch with new updates as well. Since even American Bottle Auctions doesn’t know everything (I know, hard to believe) we will on occasion change the PRICE on an item if we feel we listed it too high.  Make sure to check back regularly and keep and eye out for lower prices.